Reiki Master & Intuitive Development Coach

My Reiki business is Reiki Synergy – Heart, Mind, & Soul Awakening and I have merged it with Lynn Theta for the convenience of my clients.

I have attained the Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki Tummo Master Practitioner levels in my Reiki studies. Usui Reiki uses symbols where Reiki Tummo does not. In Reiki Tummo they teach that the energy is Divinely intuitive and knows how much energy to send and where to send it and, as such, symbols are not needed. All modalities have something to offer so I use all of my teachings in my practice to ensure the best possible outcome for my clients.

Realign Your Energy – Using energy healing methods that amplify your natural ability to heal with the goal of bringing you into a positive and healthy state of being.

Benefits of Reiki – Overall Wellness, Pain Management, Reduce Stress, Promote Relaxation, Mental Clarity, Emotional Clarity, Restful Sleep, Reduce the affects of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, Creating Boundaries, Better Work Relationships, Loving Partner Relationships, Improve Finances, Positive Outlook, and Work Life Balance. Ultimately reducing the cause of the dis-ease.

R.I.S.E. – Reiki Inspired Soul Exploration – Combining Reiki with Intuitive Coaching will enable you to determine the source of your dis-ease. Understanding the source will give you the opportunity to work through and release the negative energy related to it and free you from the attachment to it. Breaking the attachment to the source, breaks you out of that negative cycle. You will begin to live the life you were meant to live. You will be on your journey to your best you.

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My rate is $3.00 per minute and package deals can be arranged custom to client requests. Sessions are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and custom requests will be considered.

In person and distance sessions available.

Payment options: e-transfer