A New Purpose

Back in the beginning of 2017 I had muscle failure in my eyes that prevented me from doing my job. I was off for a year with vision therapy and then tried to work again only to have to go on leave again with even more damage to my eyes. My career has been in the legal and compliance department of a financial institutions and my eyes working properly was kind of important. This issue with my eyes was absolutely terrifying. I had no idea what I could do for work since everything in my wheelhouse required my vision to be in working order. It was time to look inward and figure my future out.

While off on long term disability leave I took some Reiki courses. They required some reading but not intensive so it was manageable. Most of the classes were presented with slides and conversation which helped take the strain off of my eyes. What I learned was phenomenal! The realm of energy healing had captured my attention. My healing journey began. I obtained Master level teacher in Usui Reiki, Master Practitioner in Reiki Tummo, and a few other courses that include Meditation, Kundalini, Open Heart, Secrets of Natural Walking, and Secrets of Natural Healing.

Over the years I have healed myself a great deal. When covid19 hit us and things went online I decided that I needed to share my story so that I can get the message out that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and the placebo effect is proof of that. Think about it… If you take something that you perceive as medicine that is a placebo and you have the expected result of healing then you have experienced the placebo effect. Our minds and bodies are fascinating and the potential for healing is very real.

Covid19 also brought everyone into a very negative energy cycle. When I thought about the law of attraction combined with this negative energy everyone is putting out, I realized I had to do something about it. I took everything I learned about energy healing and added some research to that and wrote a book. Breaking Out of the Darkness was the result of that effort. The book is about breaking out of negative energy cycles and is full of interesting and useful information, quantum physics, stories of successful healing journeys, meditations, and steps outlined that you can take to help you heal. It’s never too late to heal. Start your journey today and be your best you.

Published by lynntheta

My name is Lynn Baillie and I am a Master Practitioner in Reiki Tummo and a Master Teacher in Usui Reiki. My career has been in the legal and compliance department of financial institutions and investment dealers and brokerages. After having a life altering injury to my eyes that ended my career, I began my healing journey and found the realm of energy healing. I have healed many of my past traumas through what I learned from the many Reiki courses and other healing modality courses I took and continued my healing journey aided by the research I conducted for writing my recently published book, Breaking Out of the Darkness. I still have a few more books in me that I plan to write. I am here to share my experiences with you in the hopes that I can help you to be brave, be authentic, and be your best you.

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