A New Purpose

Article Published in The Firebranders Magazine, https://firebrandersmag.com My name is Lynn Baillie and I am a Master Practitioner in Reiki Tummo and a Master Teacher in Usui Reiki. I have a BSc in Mathematics and my career has been in the legal and compliance department of financial institutions and investment dealers and brokerages. After havingContinue reading “A New Purpose”

Heal Yourself and You Heal the World

Quantum entanglement definition: what once was connected physically remains connected energetically and reacts simultaneously and instantaneously to stimuli. This was proven by David Bohm in CERN where he conducted the twin photon experiment. He split a photon in 2 and placed the two parts 14km apart and then applied an action on one of theContinue reading “Heal Yourself and You Heal the World”

Why I Wrote Breaking Out of the Darkness

There were a few reasons why I wrote Breaking Out of the Darkness. The most important reason was to help people find a new and brighter perspective while in this extremely destructive time. Everyone has been negatively impacted by this pandemic and I am here to help anyone who is ready to find a wayContinue reading “Why I Wrote Breaking Out of the Darkness”

A New Purpose

Back in the beginning of 2017 I had muscle failure in my eyes that prevented me from doing my job. I was off for a year with vision therapy and then tried to work again only to have to go on leave again with even more damage to my eyes. My career has been inContinue reading “A New Purpose”