Heal Yourself & Heal the World

Article Published in The Firebranders Magazine, https://firebrandersmag.com How do you see yourself in this vast universe that we live in? Are you just a tiny carbon-based speck of a lifeform merely existing? Or are you energy that is infinitely connected to all of the energy around you and expands out to the universe‚Äôs outer limit?Continue reading “Heal Yourself & Heal the World”

Heal Yourself and You Heal the World

Quantum entanglement definition: what once was connected physically remains connected energetically and reacts simultaneously and instantaneously to stimuli. This was proven by David Bohm in CERN where he conducted the twin photon experiment. He split a photon in 2 and placed the two parts 14km apart and then applied an action on one of theContinue reading “Heal Yourself and You Heal the World”