Heal Yourself and You Heal the World

Quantum entanglement definition: what once was connected physically remains connected energetically and reacts simultaneously and instantaneously to stimuli. This was proven by David Bohm in CERN where he conducted the twin photon experiment. He split a photon in 2 and placed the two parts 14km apart and then applied an action on one of the parts to determine what would happen to the other part. When an action was applied to one part, the other part, 14km away, reacted immediately and simultaneously. It was as if they were never separated. Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance” and is an example of quantum entanglement. What was once connected physically is now energetically entangled and forever influenced by each other.

These findings brought David Bohm to believe that independent reality as we currently know it does not exist and even though the universe appears to be made up of separate parts it is actually a gigantic, entangled, and intricately detailed hologram.

The analogy with the Big Bang further supports that all matter and everything in between is energetically connected. Science supports that being separate and independent is no longer our reality and, as such, we are infinitely connected with all that is in our universe on an energetic level. This applies to non-physical energy, physical matter, and even our cells are holographic in nature and means that the smallest molecules of our bodies are connected to the smallest molecules in nature.

When you apply quantum entanglement to the human experience you open up to a whole new explanation for why things happen to us. Every challenge that we encounter in our lives is meant to be a lesson; we are meant to have pain and suffering in our human experience. Through healing that pain and suffering in ourselves we heal that corresponding pain and suffering in our external world. Imagine the impact you could have on your external world just by looking inward and healing your past traumas. Then imagine, as a collective, if we did that. We could change the world!

“Heal yourself, and you heal the world, thank you.” By Ulrich E Duprée, Ho’oponopono – I am a true believer of this!

My book, Breaking Out of the Darkness, has more fascinating scientific information that supports how we are all energetically connected. Learn how your electromagnetic field interacts with everything and everyone around you. It is fascinating how the energy you emit affects your external world.

Find my e-book on Amazon and begin, right now, your journey to your best you.

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Published by lynntheta

My name is Lynn Baillie and I am a Master Practitioner in Reiki Tummo and a Master Teacher in Usui Reiki. My career has been in the legal and compliance department of financial institutions and investment dealers and brokerages. After having a life altering injury to my eyes that ended my career, I began my healing journey and found the realm of energy healing. I have healed many of my past traumas through what I learned from the many Reiki courses and other healing modality courses I took and continued my healing journey aided by the research I conducted for writing my recently published book, Breaking Out of the Darkness. I still have a few more books in me that I plan to write. I am here to share my experiences with you in the hopes that I can help you to be brave, be authentic, and be your best you.

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